2020 Virtual Show Entries

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Fancy Dress - Muriel Williams Cup to the Winner

No 12A

Horse Air

No 12B

No 12B

No 32

Under the Sea

No 33 Unicorn


No 38 The Ultimate Cowboy


No 39

The Magicians

No 5 Mario and Luigi

Mario and Luigi

No 44 Incy Wincy Spider


Performance Hunter 60 - 70cm - Prize sponsored by TRI Equestrian

No 2

No 8

No 28

No 25

No 45

No 48

Perfomance Hunter 80 - 90cm Prize sponsored by TRI Equestrian

No 7

No 26

No 42

No 13

No 45

Riding Class - Prize Sponsored by TRI Equestrian

No 29


No 29

No 45

Style & Appearance - Prize sponsored by TRI Equestrian

No 2


No 2

No 46


No 46


Best Pet - Prize Sponsored by Wonder Paws

No 23

Heinz the Barn Cat

Tara and Heinz are great friends .....Heinz is the best as he gives great big hugs with his fluffy tail!!

No 17

A Fish Called Frankie

Frankie is the perfect pet as he doesn't need a walk, doesn't wake me at night needing to go outside and never needs a wash! My favourite pet.

No 21

Charlie Boy

I found Charlie in Sharpeshill Sanctuary run by the Wicklow SPCA and can now testify that dogs truly are mans best friend.

No. 6

This is Mello

She is one and a half. She was very happy to have us at home during the lockdown. She got three walks everyday. She loves to sail!

No 27


Is the best dog everrrrrrrrrr!!!! She likes walks and watching TV on the couch

No 30

This is Max

Who joined our family 6 weeks ago. He's settling in well don't you think!

No 33 Hide and Seek with my new pony

No 34

Captain and Perky

Best pets because they are cute, easy and fun to watch

No 36 Murphy's Missing the Show

No 40A


Yawning after a hard days work!!

No 40B


Under the rainbow

No 41


Helped the family through a very sad time. She is out beloved pet

No 35A Holly & Daisy


No 35B Fudge


No 43 Pierre

NO 47


Brook Lodge Pet

No 48


is the biggest softy, never puts a foot wrong, and he has the longest tongue!

Back Garden Dog Agility - Prize 1-hr agility session for up to 4 dogs, Sponsored by Wonder Paws

No 21

No 22

No 25

Lockdown Living Back to Basics - Prize sponsored by Country Life

No 3

First Veg Patch

After years of talking about a veg patch, here it is - potaoes, sugarsnap peas, beetroot, fennel, parsnips, parsley and 1 spring onion!

No 15

The Great "newly discovered" Wall of Glencree

No 23

Hello from Kansas, USA!

Missing Ireland especially during lockdown ....so Tara and Liam are learning to bake Irish Soda Bread and scones to have a taste of home!

No 32 Lockdown Obstacle Course

No 33 Lockdown Hacking

No 37 Kilcroney Garden

No 47

Lockdown planting project to brighten up the neighbourhood

No 48 Lockdown Birthday Wishes for a Cousin